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Previewing data in the analysis?

Startbeitrag von StanleyBarnett am 07.12.2015 00:07


In WinDev's ide with the analysis window loaded, I see all the data tables listed as little blue windows with headers like EXPRESS_Category and so on. At the bottom of each window has OLEDB shown.

If I double click one, I get the table's layout/definition where definition edits can be made.

Now the question, How do I preview the selected table's data? There is no preview in the layout window, nor is preview available from any right click menus, or from anywhere in the analysis window.

I even looked in the "Edit with WDMap" and still no preview. How do I easily and quickly preview the data, with editing capabilities?

I did notice that when creating the analysis, there was a preview, but after its built, I see no way to revisit.



Hello Stanley

WDMap will preview the data and allow you to edit, you just have to tell it where to find the actual data files. By default it will look in the project\exe folder and automatically open the file if it exists, otherwise it will open a dialogue window and you can tell it where the data files (.fic) are.


von Al - am 07.12.2015 01:47
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