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Saving Desktop Work Environment

Startbeitrag von StanleyBarnett am 08.12.2015 04:48


How do I get WinDev to remember my desktop settings?

1. I opened WinDev and stretched it to fill 2 of my 3 monitors,
2. then I resize the "Project Exployer" and moved it to the left side and positioned it nicely,
3, Next I open an example app and its windows fills both monitors. I resize it and position it.
4. I close WinDev,
5. I open WinDev again,
6. Windev opens up on both monitors - good,
7. Project Explorer window opens at the almost correct position (a menu bar too high, but on the left side), again almost good,
8. I reopen the example app and it fills both monitors, NOT good,

I expect it to remember all my work environment settings and it isn't.

Update... I noticed the "Project Explorer" window is not anchored inside the IDE, instead it floats on the Microsoft Windows layer. Is there a way to make it a part of the IDE's workspace?

Update... It appears that a lot of time will be wasted each time you open a project. For example, when working on something where I need 4-5 windows up at the same time. These windows may be windows, property sheets, data, or whatever. All that setup of the 4-5 windows takes time. If I close it, or it crashes, I have to waste all that time again setting it back up, a real PIA.



For the app window, check the GUI tab of the window description. Store the size and position might be what you need. Or you can set the opening size and position at the bottom.

von Curtis - am 08.12.2015 15:01
Hello Stanley

Windev remembers my IDE settings in terms of the features and the project explorer with its attached panes so that is all I need. I find it good practice to always save all and close all my open working windows - screens, reports code windows etc before I shut down the IDE. On starting, the first thing is to close the Welcome window, turn off the ribbon, then File > open project, the last project folder normally opens and the I delete the project .cpl folder and click on the project .wdp file to open the project. I do this to ensure that I always get a clean start.


von Al - am 08.12.2015 15:11
Hi Al,

I appreciate the clean start, but sounds like a lot of work on your part if this must be done every time you startup/revisit a project.

Why would you go about deleting the .cpl folder? Seems counter productive to me...


von StanleyBarnett - am 08.12.2015 18:13
Hello Stanley

Deleting the .cpl folder is not required, its just a habit, I picked up a few years ago.


von Al - am 08.12.2015 18:49
I myself only delete the .cpl folder if I run in to a strange error I can't fix. An example would be not being able to close a window with the system title bar close button when I know for sure there are no infinite loops or blocking processes running.

Luckily I have not encountered that bug in at least 2 months.

von Curtis - am 08.12.2015 21:02
Hi Stanlyn,

Regarding your environment settings:

You can save up to 4 personal environment preferences depending on what you are working on: Home->Panes->Backup of environment->Save in...

These will store the settings of how you've configured your dev environment.

Aside of that there are also many shortcut keys to quickly change your dev environment. E.g. if you're wokring on teh GUI you may want to maximize the window or Page Editor. For that press CTRL+W (And again to revert).

You can find a list of all these shortcuts here: http://doc.windev.com/en-US/?3085002&name=Keyboard_shortcuts


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 09.12.2015 08:12
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