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Pages gone from project

Startbeitrag von Joel am 09.12.2015 17:53

Hi all -

Had a weird thing happen, When I opened 2 different projects recently, the system gave me some message about the local directory wasn't correct in the SCM, so I told it to just "Fix" it. Well, now the projects seem to be in some "earlier state" - pages that I had created / worked on are no longer in the project. They are in the local directory, but not listed in the project. I can just go and open them and add them back to the project, but that'll be a bit or work. Anyone have any idea what happened, and how I can get those projects back to their "current" state??



Well I USE SCM between my Work PC at office and my laptop at Home and this is not surprising at all.

Here some Issues I Have with SCM:

1. If you use style not all of them are implemented on the other PC/User.
2. If you add graphics, you can not be sure it is entered into SCM.
3. Do not rename classes, an empty class can be the result on the other PC/User.
4. Sometimes SCM Set you back one version after sync, you can however probably find the "file" on the original PC.
5. Sometimes the Project is back one version, and your code is lost, you must remember or use a backup.
6. Etc. etc

I would never dare use it in a multi-developer environment.

But hey that`s my 1-user experience, perhaps other has no problem with it. (As I did in the start)


von Tor-Bjarne - am 09.12.2015 18:27
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