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[WD19] wdtst.exe is crashing

Startbeitrag von Erik Schwarz am 17.12.2015 06:06


when returning from testing my app to the develop Environment, I often get a message window which tells me something like 'wdtst.exe is not running any more'.

This Windows disappears automatically after a few seconds if I don't Close it before.

Sometimes the code Editor hangs up, too, for a few seconds.

After then all works ok until returning from the next test of the app.

Anybody out there how to avoid that?




Hi Erik,

Have you done all the "standard" stuff - like deleting the .cpl folder etc...?

von DarrenF - am 17.12.2015 09:46
Hi Darren,

yes, deleted the cpl-folder, recompiled, no Change.
Looks as if wdtst.exe is damaged, but I want avoiding to reinstall Windev.



von Erik Schwarz - am 17.12.2015 11:16

WDTST.EXE is in fact the testing of your project.
So if WDTST is crashing, there should be something wrong in your project (mostly a bug).

I once had this kind of problem when printing reports.

Kind regards,

von Joris - am 17.12.2015 12:35

I had this when working with thread and did not properly closed or finisched the thread, that made the WDTST.EXE crash.

Are you doing something special in code ?


von Danny Lauwers - am 17.12.2015 13:22
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