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HFSQL - odbc/oledb and views

Startbeitrag von Arie am 17.12.2015 10:34

now that HFSQL supports VIEWS I tried to access my database using the ODBC driver.
My customer wants to use MS-reporting to acccess the data.

But is looks like the odbc driver does NOT support views. Is that right?
Maybe in WD21 it does?


Happy New Year Arie,

Sorry for the late reply but I had numerous problems with the ODBC drivers for HFSQL and was told by PC Soft that it is not a full implementation. So only the basic commands work. I doubt that it will work in V21 either, but lets hope.

von Jeff Graham - am 01.01.2016 16:13

PCsoft told me that the OLEDB driver supports "views" and after a test I can confirm that.

But the ODBC driver does not, which also counts then for the option to use "OLEDB (via ODBC)"

von Arie - am 05.01.2016 09:15
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