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[WB20] Best methode to provide a help to the users of webapplication

Startbeitrag von Danny Lauwers am 18.12.2015 10:55


I am developing a Classic Dynamic webapplication in WebDev, and this is going well.

I would like to provide the user with help info on how the page they are currently on works. Field info, pictures,... the help description of the page.

The help information should be created outside of WebDev by a non developer. It would contain screenshots, text, tables,...

The user logs into the application and selects a certain action from the menu that will display a certain Page.

When the user presses the help button on that page. I would like to show a popup browser that displays the help content for this Page. The user can still work on the Page and put the help window whereever he want to learn the workings of the Page.

What would be the best method of implementing this help ?

  • Schould I create PDF files with the name of the page and display those ?
  • Do I create some HTML folder with the HTML and pictures inside and display the HTML that contains the help for this page ?
  • Do I create a Help Creator Page with CKEditor to create the help and store the images and text in the DB ?
  • Some Javascript based help system ?
  • ...

For the PDF's I could use any program to create the helpcontent and file.
With HTML, there may be a handy tool to produce this kind of helpfiles ?

What about referral links between pages and an index page ?

Do I better create a separate AWP project for this instead of putting this in the Classis project ? Security ?

Probably you have already developed a help in your project, so any feedback would be appreciated.



Hi Danny,

I use Help&Manual to create webhelp pages.
The Help pages can be called from a Help button that opens the helppage in a new browser.


von Piet van Zanten - am 18.12.2015 11:00

I use Dr.Explain (http://www.drexplain.com/software-documentation-tool/) to produce my Help content and it's certainly possibly to produce context sensitive help files in WD, so I assume WB has the same facility to associate a Help ID number to web pages?

At the moment, I only really use the PDF generation feature, but it can also be used to produce CHM, Word and online "Help" content. I think a recent addition to it's functionality is Cloud hosting, but how that differs from online I dunno.

von DarrenF - am 18.12.2015 14:34

Thanks for your feedback, I had forgotten about these help authering programs, I think this would be the best option. A few years back I have use HelpnDoc, and this seems to support web help also, and this is very affordable.


To integrate the two, I guess an Iframe would be the best option ?

Any idea on how to prevent a user to go to the helppages without first authentication via the WebDev Application ?


von Danny Lauwers - am 18.12.2015 16:41
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