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question on version 21

Startbeitrag von Allard am 19.12.2015 13:23


Does version 21 support graphs?

I red something about that in the pdf and typed it over in google translate. It stated all the graphs
Is this true

Maybe some of the french speaking people can give me an explination ?




Hi Allard,

What is the page number in the French PDF?


von Joris - am 22.12.2015 10:06

page 22 . Number 778
"tous les graphes"
"evulotion sur les graphes"




von Allard - am 23.12.2015 19:34
Hi number 778 is about WebDev only.
More precise about PHP.
It says that you can use all the graphs that are available in Webdev when using PHP.



von Joris - am 28.12.2015 08:36
Hi Joris

Joris are you sure when you state : "It says that you can use all the graphs that are available in Webdev when using PHP " ?

I Purchased version 21( webdev and windev ) . And huh!! Nope no graphs in php modus!!!

Odd that the say it supports graphs but it doesnot!!!

Maybe asking for a refund , Huh this is a big disappointment!!!


von Allard - am 31.12.2015 11:27
Hi Allard,

this year is no different than any other years... By that I mean that the version will be complete sometime around MAY. In PCSoft vocabulary, preversion is alpha, Final is BETA 1... then in january/february/... are coming one version per month or month and a half, each more advanced.

I haven't checked this year, but normally there is a help page listing all the new functions of the current version. On this page, the functions that are NOT YET available have an asterisk "*".

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 31.12.2015 11:56
Well looking for wx22 coming and I might update all then...

von kingdr - am 31.12.2015 18:27
Hi Fabrice,

Indeed I purchased the french version. I did this because I need the responsive design urgendly. And indeed it is availeble and in php modus as well :xcool:

So correct me if I am wrong. You mean that in the final version the graph stuff is availeble? That would be great.

I stet up a vps and with this I should be able to run the application server. I know you have said one should not even bother with php and go with this so I am looking at this :xcool:
I recognize the fact that with the app server One can connect weindev and windev mobile as well end thus get even more of an advantage :cheers:.

The fact remains that my potential clients have their own hosting accounts and they use php/mysql.
I can now created great responsive sites that is great. If I could create graphs as well then I would be right in the game again . Before the competition , not behind.

I looked at an other platform, because of potential work, it s called servoy. Great plaftform. Has responsive features out of the box and graphs etc ( one can even use any javascript libraries that are on the net) cool. But if you compare it to webdev, now that webdev has responsive stuff out of the box as well. Then webdev is way easier and way more productive.
And Iam not talking 10 times faster. We are talking me being 10 times faster then a team of developers:spos: And Iam not even a webdev expert.


von Allard - am 01.01.2016 13:57
While you all at it.

I would like to know if new version of WB support using third party JS like JQuery or Angular and whether it would be possible to create Responsive web pages.

I think lack of such features are a show stopper as far as we are concerned.


Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 04.01.2016 07:06
Hi everybody

@Allard. you can use JS libraries with webdev... you ALWAYS could... So your graph libraries are of course usable.
You just need to know enough JS to make it work.
As for what will be included in final version, around MAY, nobody knows... Some feature described in the commercial document never make it (not a lot, but it happens)

@Yogi Yang. As for responsive web pages, that's included in 21, so you don't need external libraries, but if you want to do responsive in 20, it's possible with external libraries (there is an example in a LST). And old versions of webdev support jquery and any other external JS library, the question is more if YOU know enough JS to make it work.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 04.01.2016 11:45
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