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Display the first dynamic page of the project

Startbeitrag von KOZETA am 21.12.2015 14:01

When the users of my system log out, they are directed to a static page I have created. There is a link in the static page that redirects the users back to the project (display the first dynamic page of the project).

My problem is this:
When the user accesses my site for the first time , I use the ip address : xxx.xx.xx.xx/my_site_name
When the users accesses it again, something like: "...WD200AWP/WD200Awp.exe/CONNECT..."is displayed in the browser together with the ip of the host.
How to I make the url look like: xxx.xx.xx.xx/my_site_name when the users access the site from that static page.
P.S. The ip may change so a "dynamic"solution would really help me.



Create a frame page that holds the first page. . Load the dynamic page in this frame page as well.


von Allard - am 21.12.2015 14:57
Thanx Allard , but I'm not allowed to do this.
Best regards,

von KOZETA - am 21.12.2015 15:02
Why not ?


von Allard - am 21.12.2015 15:05
Hi Kozeta,

DynamicSiteDisplay is your friend...



Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 21.12.2015 17:44
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