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[WD19] Dot Net Error

Startbeitrag von Al am 29.12.2015 04:13

Hello All

We have an MS Windows server running as a multi-tenanted server with shares to allow the standard Windows permissions to keep the user's information separated.

Our application uses GemBox routines which are Dot Net based and these work fine in other networks without shares.

The error is :
NET Framework cannot be used by an application run from the network
Unable to load \\jca-fs-01\app$\NCPCON\JCA\wd1920net2.dll
System Error Details: A dynamic link library initialization routine failed

jca-fs-01 is the file server
\app$ is a network share
\NCPCON is the client folder on the share
\JCA is the folder where the Windev exe resides - along with its .wdl file

The application finds all its other dll's on a path and I have added all the dll's into the \jca folder to see if it made any difference but it didn't.
The dll is accessible so I think it might be a trust issue of some sort but I have no idea how to resolve that.




May be that GenBox has designed the component to not be run able from UNC Path.

Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 22.07.2016 14:48
Hello Yogi

Thanks for the thought.
I contacted GemBox at the time and they have no blocks in their code.
There is also some other traffic on Google about the same problem so I am confident it is a Windows share issue.


von Al - am 22.07.2016 16:42
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