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[WD20] - Removing double spaces

Startbeitrag von JP am 29.12.2015 12:55

Hi All

I'm sure I have solved this before but having a blind moment - how to remove all double spaces in a block of text and replace to a single space?

Replace() function does not allow the replacement string to be a blank - From help...

String to Replace: Character string (with quotes) Character string that must be replaced in the initial string.If this parameter corresponds to an empty string (""), Result will correspond to Initial String.

Any suggestions?



What about:

sResult = Replace (String1,caract(32)+caract(32),caract(32))


von Tor-Bjarne - am 29.12.2015 13:10

I tried using x=Replace(x," "," ") where x is a string with a couple of double spaces and it worked.

The second parameter (String to replace) is two spaces.
The third parameter (New string) is a single space.

The holidays must be getting to you. :)

- Mike H.

von Mike H - am 29.12.2015 13:24

You're right - it does work. I must indeed be having holiday blindness :) Thanks for confirming.

von JP - am 29.12.2015 13:32
Tor-Bjarne - thanks - I was not seeing it, and the help threw me, but it does work after all. Sorry!

von JP - am 29.12.2015 13:33
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