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[WB19] iDeal

Startbeitrag von Piet van Zanten am 30.12.2015 10:50


Can anybody give some tips on possibilities to enable iDeal for multiple bank accounts?
Most solutions are targeting webshops using only one bank account.
I have a system that's used by several clients using different databases.
I prefer to have a provider that enables payments to go to different bank accounts, so I only need to use parameters to handle payments for different clients.
The fixed costs should be low, as each client can choose to use iDeal or not and I don't want to pay for it if they don't use it.
Also, the transaction costs need to be charged to each client.
Any tips are appreciated.

Best regards,


Hi Piet,

I gusess it doesnot matter that you have different customers that use your system. For a customer it is his system to work with and that's fine.

A customer has to register the IDeal. He can do this with several suppliers.

You have to choose what you want to support. You can go the easy way. For instance the "RABOBank kassa" in Holland. Is easy little programming needed . But costs per transactioons Are quite high. There are other suppliers that are way cheeper but they require you to do more programming.

So you profide the functionality in your system . The client has to register stuff with the ideal supplier. He has to sighn a contract etc. When client does this he gives the bank account as well .
In Short. You just have to provide a generetic solution.
- Client name
- Client bank account
- Client contract with ideal vendor
etc have to be handled in your app. ( the instance of the client)

This should not be a problem. ( if your app is a saas application as you state it is. That is if I get what you discribe )

I think you need to do some resurch on how Ideal actually works. Then there are php and c# example code availeble with moast of the Ideal vendors.



von Allard - am 31.12.2015 11:20
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