[WD20] Touchscreen input on a date field

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 03.01.2016 19:15

Does anyone know if there is a way to use a date field with touchscreen input?

I've tried SendKey(),EmulateInput(),EDT_Date += 2. Nothing works. I think the underlying reason is that once EDT_Date loses focus (click on touchscreen button) it validates and resets because it's a bad date.

I figured I would see if anyone has an easy solution for this before I write my own code to work with a text field. DateValid() should help, but I would like to have the intuitiveness that the date field has with the automatic separators without having to code it myself.




In one of my touch screens solutions I do this:

1. I place a date-edit field on the screen.
2. in the "Entry in EDT_Date" code block i do a

Win_terminal..plane = 10

3. In the plane 10 of the window I have a (big) calendar where the user can use his big clumsy fingers and select a date from the calender.

(But this could be anything that let you select a date 3 listboxes for example (one going from 1 to 31, month listbox going from 1-2 and so forth)

4. When the user selects a date on the calendar I write the value to edt_date and switch to the caller plane again.


von Tor-Bjarne - am 11.01.2016 15:29
Hi Curtis,

You still need a very nice solution for a Touchscreen input on a date field ?


von Fernando Garcia - am 09.02.2016 21:09
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