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WB20 - Style won't 'stick' to elements

Startbeitrag von Joel am 04.01.2016 21:08

Hi there - this just started recently in one of my projects. I assign a style "TBL_Simple" to a table and save the page. It looks fine. I close the page a re-open it and the style is gone. "X's" show up, it's obviously confused but I can't seem to fix it - I have the same problem on a few other pages now, but not on all pages. Any suggestions?


Red "X's"? I had a problem with red X's once. It was because the path to some of the images for the style was not being found.

I'm assuming you've already recompiled and refreshed the styles? I still haven't touched WebDev so I'm going off of my WinDev experience.

von Curtis - am 04.01.2016 22:29
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