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[WD20] Report Background Image Printed with the Report

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 04.01.2016 22:25

On a few reports I use a background image and place a few static controls on top of the image. In the background tab of the report description I selected "The background image must be printed with the report".

This works fine at first but after time the background image either does not print or prints extremely zoomed in. This is without even checking out or modifying the report. Every time I have to go back in the description to fix it, because the image path has been cleared (even though the image still prints partially just zoomed in. The 'Behavior in real print' option is also defaulted back to "The report is printed on a pre-printed form".

I thought that this would not affect a generated executable, but I was wrong. Has anyone else experienced this problem?

I guess my best option is to do it programmaticaly with MyReport..BackgroundImage and MyReport..BackgroundImagePrinted.


Hello Curtis

On invoices where some clients use letterhead stationary and others just print text and graphics instead I just use IPrintImage()
I trigger it by seeing if a background pdf exists or not.
The variable holds a fully pathed file name for the pdf to use as the background and lets the users assign their own pdf files to the process.

IF fFileExist(GDRIA4BkgrndPDF) = False
IMAGE1 = RepList.ReportImage1
IMAGE1 = RepList.ReportImage1
IMAGE1..Visible = False
Text1..Visible = False
iPrintImage(GDRIA4BkgrndPDF,0,0, iPageWidth() , iPageHeight() , iNormalDisplay)
END //IF NoSpace(GDRIA4BkgrndPDF) = "" THEN


von Al - am 06.01.2016 12:44
Hi Curtis,

I have had that issue as well:(


von Allard - am 07.01.2016 07:53
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