query editor problem WD18

Startbeitrag von iso am 18.01.2016 10:31


I have a problem with the query editor, everything was fine on Friday but today when i either create a new select query in the left hand window where all your tables are listed, there is only 1 showing, the folders are there, this is the same for all programs i open and for viewing old queries i have created

[attachment 1854 ScreenShot01-18-16at11.28AM.PNG]

Can anyone help/advise how to fix this.

Thanks ISO



I'm sorry for asking the obvious, but are you sure you're looking/pointing at the correct analysis?

Have you tried the "standard" recovery options; like deleting the CPL folder to force a re-compile of the project?

Also, I would try regenerating the analysis.

von DarrenF - am 18.01.2016 10:37
Hi Darren,

It must be Windev specific rather than project as every project i open shows only the folders and no tables or sometimes one table, i checked that one table and cant see anything different in how its set up so why it shows that one table makes it even more of a mystery!

I tried all the re gen/compile/repair functions, Its weird how it was fine the other day, i ve just tried installing some updates but that hasn't fixed it

Thanks ISO

von iso - am 18.01.2016 10:56
Its even the same with the Windev examples:

[attachment 1855 ScreenShot01-18-16at12.08PM.PNG]

von iso - am 18.01.2016 11:09

if its windev specific, try the following:
go in the registry editor, and search for the PCSOFT key
In it, find the windev + version key for your product and delete it
Restart windev, the key will be created with all default settings, and that should fix that

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.01.2016 11:19
Fixed, did what you said and restarted. Thanks Fabrice

von iso - am 18.01.2016 11:49
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