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WebDev Course (Education)

Startbeitrag von Aad Mess am 08.06.2008 14:58

I want to know if someone in the Netherlands wants to give a course in Webdev (for a reasonable compensation) . I do know Windev but I want to get further with Webdev. Maybe more developers like me are interested to get futher with Webdev and we can share the costs.

Kind Regards,



Perhaps you should check out the WerbDev Course Fabrice has created. It is available on DVD.

Glenn Rathke

von Glenn Rathke - am 09.06.2008 03:25
Thanks for your response. I will consider the DVD from Fabrice but the thing is that face to face education gives the opportunity to ask questions for practical issues.

I try to visit the (two) monthly Windev meetings at Meer (Belgium) and in De Bilt (Netherlands) if it will continue but they are not courses (logicaly).

I would like to know more Webdev developers in the Netherlands. If we can share we can be better and when we look further then seeing competition in stead of opportunities we will be great.

Regards, Aad

von Aad Mess - am 09.06.2008 07:05
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