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[WD20] Single page report

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 19.01.2016 07:29

How can I determine if a report will fit on a single page?

For a food processing company we have to print recipes on single pages; no recipe can use multiple pages & we cannot change font sizes, line spacing etc. The report currently consists of a break on the recipe code; the break header section is fairly small & can't be reduced, the body section prints out all the ingredients and then the break footer prints mixing instructions,QA type stuff & then up to 3 notes which are stored & printed in RTF format (auto sizing controls).

How can I determine if this will all fit on the one page? If it won't & the decision is made to print anyway, how can I stop it from going to page 2?




Hi david,

I red somewhere that in version 20 it is possible to add an indexpage to a report. This page can contain the page numbers. ( This was not possible before accept for lots of programming)

It is now possible so there should be a function that you cabn use to determine how many pages a report has.( even before the pages are created!!)
So you should be able to stop the printing by checking in the before print section of the report.

Hope this helps


von Allard - am 19.01.2016 08:23
Hi David,

Just wondering, why print a recipe if not all ingredients can be printed?
Is it not possible to limit the entry to a maximum number of ingredients?


von Piet van Zanten - am 19.01.2016 09:18
Hi David,

I think I would print the report first to PDF and check then if it fits on one page.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 19.01.2016 10:18
Hi David,

I did that a long time ago, but not with the reports, with the low level printing instructions. At that level, you always know exactly where you are and what is happening. I was using that to cut automatically long text between pages. It's more work than using the report editor, but you have FULL control.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 19.01.2016 12:39
Thanks for all the suggestions, I was thinking that Fabrice's option might be the only way but I'll look into the other options first; no point in making work for myself if I don't need to!

@Piet - I could have explained a bit further that the ingredients aren't the problem, it's when they have a fairly large ingredient list followed by production notes that we get the notes spread onto the 2nd page.



von David Egan - am 19.01.2016 18:57
Hi David,

In that case I would use Stefans suggestion when the user validates the input of the recipe and inform the user that the production notes are out of range and issue a warning or even prevent the recipe from being saved.


von Piet van Zanten - am 20.01.2016 07:09
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