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[Wx20] Image files

Startbeitrag von CCC2 am 20.01.2016 11:30


I have question about files image that used in the project , why is it all the image files left in project root folder together with window files and not organize in specific image folder?

since it been like that for many years , and i don't see anyone complain about it, is there no one think it's very messy ?



I never look in the project folder... Why would I do that ? I open the editor, and the editor is doing its thing, however it is organized.

So, I have been uwing WX for 20+ years, ALL the files are in the project directory (easy backup), and I never found it messy, because it doesn't create any problem for me

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 20.01.2016 12:12

When I first started using WinDev I came from other products that organized resources to my liking so I tried to force WinDev to do the same, in my opinion it's not worth it and to Fabrice's point there was really no reason.

You can direct images to sub-folders but then later when you decide to say re-apply a style to an object the items get copied from the templates back into their default folders.

Eric W

von Eric W - am 20.01.2016 14:33
I dislike this as well. That project folder can become a big mess and make things tedious. I don't look in the folder too often, but I still have to because WinDev won't always do what I tell it to do.

For images at least I created an Image folder in the project folder and haven't had any problems yet. Now if I could have folders for windows, queries, and reports

von Curtis - am 20.01.2016 14:52
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