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[WB20] - Where to host my application

Startbeitrag von Joel am 23.01.2016 18:48

Hi all -

Right now I use a server in my office but want to move beyond that. My next thought was to utilize either Amazon or Google Server instances. i.e www.aws.amazon.com or https://cloud.google.com.

THen I realized someone must already have something set up for WebDev - I noticed PCSoft not offers something, but can't find the cost. I found a page that shows a price in "pounds" (Sorry - don't know where the character for that is...) But that seems to be just to get in - I don't know what the cost for hosting would be.




Pc softd oes offer hosting.

The pricing is not that high If you calculate that the price of the application server is included and they only charge you if the server is used per hour.

So If you have a web app that is mainly used dureing office hours and not in the middle of the night then you donnot have to pay for thoose hours and this is shown in the price.
The application server is about 300euro as well .

300/ 12 = 25 euro . per month.


So you can have a bronze server for 34 euro per month ( 520 hour and 5gb storage and 6 gb transfer. or 34

If you deduct the price of the application server it is 9 euro per month.

I think it depends on what pcsoft means by rarely used. ( Bronze account).

For the same money you can rent a vps at strato. 9 euro per month( WINDOWS 2012 ) 2 gb aND 200gb Space.

Then you have to manage everything yourself. But you can install for instance TSPlus and run some windev app through the browser as well.


von Allard - am 23.01.2016 21:12
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