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[WX20] Add column to multiple data files

Startbeitrag von Sascha77 am 26.01.2016 12:48

HI all,

is there a way to add the same column to multiple data files with a kind of "mass update" functionallity or do I really have to go to each data file and add it manually?`



If you want to add a cloums to several files you would have to do that for each file. Itis possible to change things on more then one file if the item used is the same. But adding a new one has to be done manually as far as I know.


von Allard - am 26.01.2016 23:29
Hi all,

i figuered out that it´s possible to copy columns from a "source" file and paste them into a "target" file from the analyse explorer.
It´s not quite a mass update but it´s better than open each and every file and add the columns manually...


von Sascha77 - am 30.01.2016 14:04
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