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WD20 PDF not rendering on iPhone

Startbeitrag von Davie am 29.01.2016 13:39

Has anyone come across PDF rendering issues on standard iPhone viewer? It seams that any report (I have many) in WD20 that generates a PDF, either programmatically via iDestination or if a user selects PDF export from the report preview, that on iPhones the report doesn't render correctly.

However, the same generated PDF file renders correctly if viewed on Windows Phone, desktop adobe, and even the new PDF viewer that comes with W10.

Seams to be only a problem with the iPhone viewer, and PDF reports generated from WD20.



what do you mean by not render properly , any screen shot ?, have you try to view using other apps ?

von CCC2 - am 29.01.2016 15:43
It appears that reports that have static controls displaying text, which are exported to PDF via either iDestination or via export on the report previewer, that iPhone doesn't display the text. Other mobile devices such as WP have no problem with same pdf file. The same pdf file viewed in other apps, such as adobe or the new W10 pdf viewer have no problems rendering that text.

It only affects iPhones pdf viewer, and has happened since upgrading from WD19 to WD20. My gut feeling is something is broken in WD20 where the generated PDF are incompatible with iPhone built in viewer.

Just checking if others have come across the same, or can test also..

von Davie - am 29.01.2016 15:59
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