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[WD20] Problem in ScreenToFile for RTF fields

Startbeitrag von Al am 31.01.2016 08:54

Hello All

I have a set of RTF fields available for users to enter standard text they want to appear on invoices, orders etc. It has always worked very well until the other day when a client reported that the rtf fields did not save coloured text.

The fields were filled and saved using FileToScreen and ScreenToFile. Dropping the link and manually filling the fields and then saving them fixed the issue and now the coloured text is saved.



Re: [WD20] Possible bug in ScreenToFile for RTF fields

Hi Al

My WD20 apps which have RTF fields work fine with ScreenToFile and FileToScreen. I just checked and coloured text is no problem.


von Paul Turner - am 31.01.2016 22:01

Re: [WD20] Possible bug in ScreenToFile for RTF fields

Hello Paul

Thanks for the update. I must be doing something else that I am obviously not aware of plus the screens are quite old - they have been around in one form or another since V5.5.


von Al - am 31.01.2016 22:04
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