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How to build such complex strings with double quotes easily?

Startbeitrag von Yogi Yang am 02.02.2016 10:44


I am trying to build a string which is getting a bit too long as it contains double quotes.

Here is the code:

bufRetValueBuffer = Charact(34) + "ok" + Charact(34) + "," + Charact(34) + Charact(34) + "," + Charact(34) + Charact(34) + "," + Charact(34) + Charact(34) + "," + Charact(34) + Charact(34)

I should the string like this:


Is there any easier way to build strings with quotes (single as well as double)?


Yogi Yang


Just doudle them or use the sintax:

my_string is string=[
aaa "bb" ccc


von Paulo Oliveira - am 02.02.2016 12:46
Hi, Yogi.
Two suggestions:
1. The quick and dirty way is to define a 1-character string for double quotes
DQ is string=Charact(34)

Your command would look like

2. A fancier way would be to define a procedure (local or global)
RESULT Charact(34)+x+Charact(34)

Your command would look like

von Mike H - am 02.02.2016 12:48
Hi Yogi,

I think you can use triple quotes.
For better readability you could also use:
bufRetValueBuffer = Replace("-ok-,--,--,--","-",Charact(34))
bufRetValueBuffer = StringBuild("%1ok%1,%1%1,%1%1,%1%1",Charact(34))


von Piet van Zanten - am 02.02.2016 12:50
Hi Yogi

In addition to the other suggestions:
If the length of the line is a problem, as you said, you can cut it into two or more lines with ... (three periods). Like:

DQ is string=Charact(34)


best regards

von Ola - am 02.02.2016 12:55
You could also try building a string that contains "%1","%2","%3",... as many as you need.

Then StringBuild(YourString,Forename,Surname,Address1...)

Then you would see something like "Fred","Bloggs","1 High Street",...

Don't forget, you can also use arrays to build the content :spos:


von DarrenF - am 02.02.2016 13:40
Paulo Oliveira
Just doudle them or use the sintax:
my_string is string=[
aaa "bb" ccc


Thanks for the hint. It works perfectly and as I need it. Instead of adopting suggestions by others I prefer to go with your suggestion. It is easier and cleaner.

Thank you,

Yogi Yang

von Yogi Yang - am 02.02.2016 13:54
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