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Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 02.02.2016 19:08

Is it just me, or others also think that the way the "editor" works in WebDev is really "archaic"? Everytime a new version comes out, I have to "relearn" how to catch an area and resize it etc.
Most of the time it takes me a couple of minutes (!!) before I can do a simple change in the Zoning area (if I don't mess things up)
So either I am doing something really stupid or the product/editor is not yet ready ...

Ofcourse I love the language and the way it integrates with my WD apps, but I think PCSoft should look what realy is now the state of the art in "web editors" - just take a look at Pingendo.com ...

Steven Sitas


Hi Steven,

A lot has changed in version 20. You can now edit css etc. The support for this is problebly a huge change under the hood of webdev.

About the ide. well there are other apps a lot of them that cannot come close to webdev. PC soft has a great product with webdev indeed. in my opinion. It can compeet with the speed of mendix or out systems but still gives you enormouse control

I do think they do a good job. IO think because of the huge change in the system they had to change stuff.

von Allard - am 02.02.2016 20:12
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