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Windev/Webdev/Windev Mobile 17 for sale

Startbeitrag von George Lehmann am 03.02.2016 00:04

I have a full license to Version 17 with like-new manuals, installation disks, and dongles. (I hardly used any of the bits :-) ) I also have a copy of Glenn Rathke's 'Getting Up to Speed with WD (v18)' with two manuals and disks. I have verified this license can be transferred and upgraded to Version 20 (downloadable) for $910 with rights to V21 when it comes out.

I'll sell the whole lot for $500 if anyone is interested, and ship via UPS ground for free within the continental USA. If interested, please contact me via email at gelpilot@gmail.com as I'll probably only be back on this forum once every day or two.

George Lehmann
Broken Arrow, OK


Hi, has this upgrade price ( 910,- US$ ) to v20 been officially confirmed by PC Soft? Upgrading these three items from v18 to v20 is already 1.699,- EUROs ( see: http://www.windev.com/pcsoft/BCUSMAJWX20.pdf ). This would be a reduction of about 50% against the list price - for a version 18 bundle! Put 100,- Euros more for v17 on the table ...

von GuenterP - am 03.02.2016 05:09
Sounds like just $910 for just the update for WinDev 17 to 20 and not for Mobile and WebDev
(EWD1720U €890 is equal $910)

von Mipani - am 03.02.2016 14:50
Hi Mipani,

Unless you wait for the early bird upgrade at the announcement of V21 US. Early bird prices are usually at a +/- 60% discount.

Cheers, P.

von Peter Holemans - am 03.02.2016 15:17
I received a reply from the Windev US website from 'Marc' who signed off as president. I've been out of Windev so long I don't know the people anymore.

Marc's reply is a bit ambiguous now that I look at it, so I've queried him for further detail. I'll update when I get more info.

George Lehmann
Broken Arrow, OK

von George Lehmann - am 03.02.2016 21:40
Marc replied this morning that the $910 is indeed to upgrade any single product. He's going to confirm with PCSoft a price to upgrade all three.

I will advise as soon as I hear the upgrade price.

I just want to add that I'm not trying to rip anyone off and am interested in any offers. I never got out of the blocks with Windev, never will, so someone may as well get some use out of this license. And maybe I'll get a nice steak dinner for two back out of my investment. :-)

George Lehmann
Broken Arrow, OK

von George Lehmann - am 04.02.2016 16:00
Marc has advised me that an upgrade on all three products from V17 to V20 can be purchased for $1630. Since a new license for all three is $2700, my $500 seems reasonable to anyone looking to add another seat for all three products. Plus there's that copy of Glenn's training materials.

On the other hand, if anyone wants to make me any kind of an offer, I'm open now that the facts are available. If I get a few offers, I'll choose within a couple of days.

George Lehmann
Broken Arrow, OK

von George Lehmann - am 04.02.2016 21:20
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