Upgaded project from WD19 to WD20 very slow

Startbeitrag von Frans am 03.02.2016 20:08

Hello to you all,

I converted a project from WD19 to WD20. It is and was installed in HF classic mode (3 to 4 computers) in a network. I only updated the .wdd and .exe. Now the screens with much data open much much slower.
What could be the reason?
100% the same project on the same network and workstations which was only converted from WD19 to WD20.

Anybody had the same result?
Any ideas why there is such a performance drop from WD19 to WD20?

Thanks in advance.


Hi Frans,

I have not noticed this behaviour when switching to WD20. Do you also have this performance drop when testing your project? Are you in the latest version (here 67s)?

We once had a customer that had performance issues (+4 years ago). The solution seemed to first uninstall our program on every workstation and then re-install it again. Possibly some WD registry settings caused this but we could not figure what.

Kind regards,


von Joris - am 04.02.2016 08:10
Hi Joris,

I wil give it a try.

von Frans - am 05.02.2016 20:04
Hi Frans,
are you using the newest (v20) HF C/S Engine in your app?
As soon as I recompiled my app to v20 and changed HF C/S from v19 to v20, my users have seen "slow" responses in the app.
This happens if the users don't run any code that accesses the HF Server for 2 minutes or so (or the computers stay idle for 2 minutes) !!!
Testing with the profiler I saw (after idle time) that the next Hexecutequery etc takes a long time to run (even if it is very simple). Just like if the computer had LOST connection with the server and it was reconnecting.
Note that this happens ONLY with the C/S engine - NOT classic HF.

I don't know if this was there in previous versions - and the "timeout" was just bigger and I didn't get any complaints.

But I worked arround it with a timer on my main window and everything now works "quick" again.

Hope this helps

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 06.02.2016 09:58
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