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Windows 7 No Longer Sees Hasp/Dongle

Startbeitrag von Paul Murray am 04.02.2016 17:59

Greeting All,

I was using WinDev Mobile 20 fine with my dongle.

I installed WinDev 20 yesterday and it complained that it could not find the dongle. Since I never used the dongle before (from WinDev 15), I am wondering if Windows installed another conflicting driver from the old dongle. If so, which one should I keep?

In the attached screenshot, it appears that I have three SafeNet drivers.

Thanks for any pointers!!

[attachment 1860 toomanysafenetdrivers.png]


A separate dongle is required for Windev, Windev mobile and Webdev. If you are using both Windev and Windev mobile you will need two separate dongles.

von Donald Montaine - am 05.02.2016 06:31
Hey Paul, for a v20 WINDEV you do need a v20 dongle! Each product has its own dongle ... therefore, for WINDEV 20 + WEBDEV 20 + WINDEV Mobile 20 you'll need to have three v20 dongles connected to your computer ...

von GuenterP - am 05.02.2016 08:35
Thanks Donald and Guenter!!

I have three separate dongles. WinDev Mobile 20 was working fine with its dongle until I installed WinDev 20 and tried to use its dongle. Now neither dongle seems to be recognized.


von Paul Murray - am 05.02.2016 13:58
Hello Paul,

Could be an update off Windows.
Go to www.hasp.com en download the latetst driver.

von Frans - am 05.02.2016 14:05
Thanks Frans,

I will try that and report back.


von Paul Murray - am 05.02.2016 14:56
Did you install WD20 x64? If so, and your dongles are older, they may not work with x64 and only x32 version of WD..

von Davie - am 05.02.2016 18:22
Thanks All,

Downloading and installing the drivers seemed to have no effect on getting WinDev 20 to start.

I did the following and now it is working:


Connect the dongle to another computer with Internet access.
Run WDMAJCLE.EXE from the ’Hotline\Dongle update’ directory of the setup DVD.
Enter the serial number of the dongle found on the computer and the corresponding password when they are requested.

Thanks again!!


von Paul Murray - am 06.02.2016 21:42
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