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Transfer of US Windev Distribution

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 05.02.2016 06:21

Just got an email mentioning that going forward the US distributor for Windev will be wxPerts rather than Eidetik. I have noticed that the Windev-US web site has been somewhat static for awhile.

So, just wondering, what does this mean for the rest of the Windev community in the US. Any new and exciting plans, updated web site or ??


My totally uninformed gut reactoin is that this will be a good thing for WinDev.

Eidetik has done a good job of taking an unheard of programming environment and getting it off the ground here in the US. Eidetik has been eating their own dog food but their primary business is in another field.

With wxPerts you get a group of very experienced developers whose sole focus is WX products. For WinDev, etc to prosper at the next level, it needs evangilist that can demonstrate it's value in corporate America. I fully expect that we will see a revised web site. Hopefully it will combine the existing blogs, video tutorials, user forums, etc into one coherent whole. Such a site would strengthen WinDev's marketng position in my opinion.

I wish the announcement had included more information. Hopefully there is more to follow very soon.

Stewart Crisler

von Stewart Crisler - am 05.02.2016 18:53
Hello all,

To chime in on this topic- Eidetik Inc. fully supports the transition of the US distribution to wxPerts and in fact initiated this change in spirit of the best representation for PCSoft products for the English-speaking customer base (or more specifically the US market). After having worked with Andy and the team at wxPerts the decision was made to pass the torch to his team as they have demonstrated both the capability and willingness to escalate and enhance support and enthusiasm at a level that we were not capable of doing being that this was a secondary pursuit for us, as Stewart mentioned.

Both Tim Fischbeck and myself fully back this venture/transition and are standing ready at the sidelines to assist the wxPerts team in any way we can.

I hope this clarifies the matter, we are excited about the future for PCSoft products in the US market and have no doubt there are exciting updates to come from wxPerts!


-Marc Beaven, CEO
Eidetik, Inc.

von M. Beaven - am 06.02.2016 14:38
Thanks Marc!

The original email was a little bit light on details. Just wanted to get a bit more information about the details, future plans, etc. Right now wxPerts mainly markets itself as a consulting firm.

Now they will be getting into marketing the underlying development product to other developers and consultants. Do they see any conflicts between the two roles?

There are, I'm sure, other people in the American Windev community who are also trainers, product developers and service consultants. It has to be asked, will those organizations be comfortable in buying products or recommending that their clients buy products through a competitor. Will there be assurances given that wxPerts will not market their services directly to the clients of others?

Not trying to be confrontational. For the development I personally do, it is not an issue. But I can see that it might be for some others and further information about how the two roles will be handled might be helpful.

von Donald Montaine - am 06.02.2016 17:56

These questions are probably best directed to Andy and wxPerts at this juncture so I'll make sure they are aware of this thread.

As for my personal opinion I see no issue at all with someone who is a product user/developer and also serving as a marketer/reseller. In fact I myself am a programmer who has utilized Windev since version 5.5 and I also do contract development of large scale custom software projects in addition to developing the software that we use in house to run the core business. I have also contracted with many freelance developers concurrent with being US reseller, including the gentlemen behind wxPerts as well as others.

I think that in order to best serve as an ambassador or salesperson for the product line it is very advantageous to be a developer as opposed to someone who exclusively markets. Many of the questions that come up whether from prospective buyers of the product or existing users are technical in nature and can be more competently fielded by someone with the programmer perspective.

That's my .02 on the matter- I think the US base will be in fine hands moving forward.



von M. Beaven - am 06.02.2016 20:46
Evening everyone, I don't usually get on this forum as our main focus has been the google + groups... but let address at least a few things that have been discussed.

wxPerts is more a corporate support, less full time consulting, we do consulting as well but no more than PCSoft does with their same in-house Consulting Group We have done that already with a small developers group that had a lot of experience in Windev, but needed a Webservice to augment moving data around..

Do we think that our customers as a distributor should worry, no, I would say absolutely not. we are here to support YOU , our goal is to grow the community to a point where the PcSoft Products are known well instead of "Who are they"....

We are currently revamping the Windev-US website to be updated, we have a Google + Community group that we support for assistance with ongoing webinars for training, Glenn Rathke is currently reworking parts of his training materials to actually give with a sale of the product as well as much Support as we can muster for anyone that is currently using the product.

Both Pete and I have been in the larger Corporate environment , and know what it takes to make a "little known" product in the US palatable to allow all of us more opportunities, and wish to make sure that PCSoft and WinDev products are in the forefront.

I Certainly appreciate everything that Marc and Tim has done for the community and in the transition to wxPerts, and check out below for the link to the google plus groups,as 99.9 % of announcements will be on that medium. we will though continue the newsletter as well as post that on blogs.

Rest assured we are here to support you as much as anything we do, without a large viable group of developers, it will not be successful.

Google Group

Andy Stapleton

BTW we are taking pre-orders for version 21.

von andy stapleton - am 06.02.2016 22:26
I upgraded from WinDev 15 to WinDev 20 this week and immediately got a phone call from wxPerts to assist. Thank you!!

Congratulations wxPerts!!

von Paul Murray - am 06.02.2016 22:48
TeamWx. Has a certain ring to it, doncha think?

von Art Bonds - am 07.02.2016 21:03
I'm wondering whether they are monitoring the contact form http://www.wxperts.com/ yet. Or maybe it is broken? I've twice now requested information on their services without a response.

von steve erts - am 10.02.2016 00:47
Alternative contact information:
865.268.2889 (ask for WinDev Sales)

von Art Bonds - am 10.02.2016 01:27
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