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WM 20: Image sizing problem

Startbeitrag von Peter Muckle am 05.02.2016 12:35

Hi All,

I have an image control, homothetic centred, which has an (underlying) image that is edited by the user, then saved.

When I reset the window to enter a new record, the default/underlying image no longer fits into the control, but is enlarged by about 10% and some of it is cropped out.

If I close the window/application and re-open it, the underlying image fits the control correctly again.

The problem started when I changed the image to an svg (I think), but persists when using a png.

Any ideas to solve this one? I have tried all of the options I can see, but still get the same problem.




I think it is a layout issue...the image is viewed in landscape only on a phone, but is then copied from the image control on portrait version of the screen, where the image control was unedited at the same width as the landscape version, therefore the right hand edge was cut off! So I have resized the portrait version and it should work as planned now.


von Peter Muckle - am 05.02.2016 13:44
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