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wd20: HFSql timeout settings

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 11.02.2016 16:47

Hi All

Would someone shed some light for setting up the timeout when
using HConnect... as I wanna keep alive as longest as possible when
the screen with remoting HConnection remains idling?

Thanks in advance.




I never used it with HFsql but you can try using WD Connection Timeout or WD Command Timeout in the optional connection information


von Paulo Oliveira - am 11.02.2016 16:57
Great Paulo

I'll give it a try.

so difficult to find such piece,

many thx indeed :)



von kingdr - am 11.02.2016 17:55
does your connection "sleep" after say a 1 minute idle ?
This seems to be new to v20 ...
They actually fixed a 'bug" (I reported it) in v20 C/S, where when a user lost connection to the C/S HFSQ, in the middle of a transaction, the C/S engine would not recover automatically.
Fixing the above bug, introduced (I think) another issue.
If your user is idle for a minute or so, it takes a long time to do any kind of file access after the user "wakes up" the app.

I bypassed the problem with a simple procedure in my main window:
where RefreshNotify just reads my licence file (HF file)

The settings Paulo refered to didn't make a difference in my situation

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 11.02.2016 18:31

I do a menu and call for a HConnect each time for openchild windows then
I leave it for less than 3 mins and it popups a reconnection windows asking me
to click OK to reconnect, I know it doesn't make sense to me, but what can I do
and I did this "WD Connection Timeout=6000" as exteneded param of
HDescribeConn..., with no hopes, it looks pretty constant.

Of course, I can quit and re-enter the wd app, I have no clue at all.
Timer might not work while entering data at the time the timer triggers to
reconnect and I will lose all data before saving it to hfSql.

Is it a bug???

Needs some further help.

Thx in advance



von kingdr - am 11.02.2016 19:07

that does not look as a WD problem to me. I can have an application open, with a connection to spearate hfsql server, whole day or even longer. The connection remains active even if I don't do anything at all.

I suspect it is security setting in the router or firewall, which kills the connection after some idle time.
In that case the keep-alive trick mentioned by Steven will work

von Arie - am 11.02.2016 19:42
Hi Arie,
are you sure you are using HF C/S version 20 ?
It does not happen with Classic HF files or with HF C/S versions prior to v20, on my internal network.
I can reproduce it, but since I don't think of it as a bug - rather a feature, since it catches ALL orphan transactions now - I am NOT complaining :)

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 11.02.2016 20:14
Hi King,
the timer will work just fine and you will NOT lose any data when it fires up ...
I have a licence file that has just ONE Record and I use a HReadSeekfirst in a timer to read it every 2000 hundredths of a second.

It doesnt do any damage to your users ongoing work.

Its also a solution if your nics/network cards are GREEN or (on Save Power mode) - it really is very difficult to control your users installations.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 11.02.2016 20:22
Yes, it could be the adsl-router->wifiBridge-Router and w/s firefall issue.
I'll try out directly to adsl-router at home instead.

The wifi key might alter occasionally to prevent intrusion and they are all in wifi-ac instead
of wifi-n but it never happens when using wd/wb15-->17 with wifi-n (app stays all day long without reset at all) and somehow when upgrading to 19 then to 20, things happened, all settings remained the same and I thought those usb wifi-n were old then to wifi-ac with no hope at all.

Any tricks to overcome are welcome.

Anyway, thx all.



von kingdr - am 11.02.2016 20:40
Just have a test on remote logon is OK and I leave it idling on for more than 20 mins and
still have response by clicking the mouse.

Strange..., not the firewall and routers...

No clue??


von kingdr - am 11.02.2016 20:56
Same here using WD18 on client/server HFSQL. Server is Ubuntu at a datacentre.
Losing connection after 2 min, reconnect window does reconnect.
Thought it also has to do with server settings.
Thx for pointing out Timer function. Will give it a try.

von Mipani - am 12.02.2016 00:50
Yes Timer(RefreshNotify,2000) works as workaround

Thx Steven Sitas



ps. 'wish if pcSoft could let us suppress a popup dialog asking to RECONNECT as
it shows real IP+port# and will let us to give some more params to do the settings.
I did tweak the router and it works a charm for remote login as idling for a whole
day with no connection lost indeed.

von kingdr - am 12.02.2016 19:22
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