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Startbeitrag von Sam Asid am 13.02.2016 19:18

Hello All,

I have an application written in windev 12. It connects to mysql on a lan and works very well.

I am seeking a way to host mysql on the net/online server and run application from desktop to connect to mysql online.

What are the options available? Can TSplus help with this? If yes, how to I proceed?

Thanks in advance.



Hi sam ,

Yes it can. I did some resurch on it and it seems to do just fine.

You can put it on a vps and then just install your windev app on the vps. Tell tsplus to use the windev app and you are set. This is remarkeble fast. only the screens have to be broadcasted over the net the db handling is as vast as if it where on your own pc.

I had some problems with memory on my dev machine. After getting in contact with tsplus this wasnot the case on my test vps. You can host up to 25 concurrent users of you app on a vps with 8 mb mem. If you need more you need a bigget vps or dedicated server or you can loadbalance with serveral vps servers . I havenot tested these features

To test you can also use winflector. It has way less memory use. But you cannot upload to your app. ( for instance a pdf that you want to upload in your app and save in the db. TSplus has a nice feature that makes this possible.) ANd you can create users in tsplus that are not windows users but behave like windows users. This is cool for you donnot need MS licences if you use tsplus ( this saves you a lot!! )

Itf you donnot care about the ms licensing you can use other html5 tools as well

ericom has a cool program for ISV. Their produc is verry stable and can be scaled up to tremendous proporsions!! More expensive but you get top of the line quality. I tested this as well !! really superior use but it has it's price.


von Allard - am 13.02.2016 20:39
Thanks Allard for the insights. I would definitely explore the options and let you know how it goes.

Very much appreciated.


von Sam Asid - am 15.02.2016 02:45
Hi Alard and Sam,
I have been using TSPlus for over a year now and everything works just fine.
One thing to remember to do in your WD application, is to change the way you save/use your application parameters (windows positions, etc).
For this use InitParameter() ....

Thanks to Allards post, I learned also about winflector, that doesn't seem to use RDP and it may be faster for small installations.
It seems like winflector, is great for small installations AND the 2 user licence is TOTALLY FREE !!!
The thing that bothered me was that it doesn't support uploading files to your app automatically.
It seems though that the developers (of winflector) have published a library/api that you can use in your app to include uploading (in your app).
Has anybody tested this ?

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 15.02.2016 08:38
Hi Steven,

Thanks for sharing and the recommendations. I will try the free 2 user of winflector since that would give me a good idea how well it will perform.

Just wondering what has been your experience printing from your application whilst running under TSplus or Winflector? I would need to do some heavy printing with this setup. Any specific tweaking to make it work well?

Best regards,


von Sam Asid - am 16.02.2016 06:23
Hi Sam,
I have no experience with Winflector yet, so I can't help you with any printing info ...
With TSplus and any RDP/TS installation make sure you don't use any "exotic" type of printers. You may have problems when you use the "generic printer drivers" that come with the products.
Ofcourse you can always use PDF printing, but that may not be always appropriate.

There is a special type of printing that I do, where I bypass totally the RDP clients.
Printing on slip printers.
I never found a solution that worked 100% for all the RDP or HTML5 products my users selected (either TSPlus or MS TS etc).
So what I do, is to use an application that runs locally on a users machine, that gets the data/report - it just asked for remotelly - and prints it on a slip printer locally.
I use webservices to get the data/report/file and so on ...

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 16.02.2016 08:39
Hi Steven,

Thanks for the info on the printers. I guess I would have to go through my code and make some minor adjustments but that should be fine. I am yet into webservice so I would look into that as well. Will let you know how it goes.

Best regards,


von Sam Asid - am 16.02.2016 10:46
Hallo Sam,

TSPlus works with a special printer driver called Universal printer. You can send your printjob direct to your local printer or to your local PDF-reader (and print from there).

Winflector (HTML5 client) sends the printjob to your browser (pdf) with a virtual printer like TSPlus does and puts the pdf-file nicely within your browser. From here you can print your document.

I only tried smaller printjobs so I can't tell you anything about heavy printing. My personal opinion is that Winflector does the job faster.

Best regards,

Aad Gouka

von Aad Gouka - am 16.02.2016 11:11
Printing in winflector goe fine!

Winflector does not work properly on tablets. TS plus does. ericom does printing fine as well.

ericom has an isv version of their app you can pay per month minmum of 30 users. youpay something like 140 euro per month. Then you get their extensive tool as well for monitoring how your servers run what users are on etc. Cool rel time info.

So it is more expensive as tsplus and it need ms licensing. But it runs on tablets and every browser fast. Found no faults when testing this. ericom can scale up to 50000 users , is what they state on their site. So if you need a top of the bill solution it is availe ble form 140 per month excl vps costs and ms licence fees.


von Allard - am 16.02.2016 18:25
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