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Major Bug with TabOpen and OpenPopupMenu

Startbeitrag von Steven Sitas am 15.02.2016 10:49

seems there is a major bug with dynamic tabs and OpenPopupMenu in WD20.
Here is the scenario

1. Use a dynamic tab and add to it 2 dynamic tabs with internal windows.
2. Both the internal windows have a PopMenu with the SAME name.
3. Now use OpenPopupMenu to call the PopMenu in each of the 2 dynamic tabs.

You will see that it ALWAYS calls the Popmenu of the first tab in the dynamic tab.
It cannot distinguish between the 2 popups, probably because they are on the same window NOW.
I am now investigating if this is a scenario that happens also with buttons etc ....
This would be a HUGE PROBLEM (at least for me).

Steven Sitas


Hi, for two days I tried to make internal windows usable for a future program. I found so many funnies, some of them were impossible to circumvent. Referencing controls (like in your case) have been the most frustrating cases. Theoretically, the correct reference to a button control within a sidebar on the main menue would be Menu.Sidebar1.button - no way. Ok, but Button worked in global procedure whenever being on the main menue. Being on the internal window, it said, that the control couldn't be found.

Just try to reference the Popup menues by their location or give them a different name ...

von GuenterP - am 15.02.2016 11:44
It seems you cannot reference Popupmenus with something like IW_internalwindow.myPopup ...
So I spent ALL the day renaming ALL my Popupmenus.

The problem is that I liked the new dynamic tab so I changed one of my production apps to use them. I did some testing before sending it out to the clients but I didn't catch the problem inhouse - it never passed my mind that I would face this kind of problem.

What now is really bothering me is if this "naming issue" goes all the way to buttons also or even worst to local procedures !!!

thanks for your post

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 15.02.2016 12:00
I haven't used dynamic tabs, but do have quite a few internal windows in tabs and don't have the same problem. In v20, there was a change to standard charter prefix for internal window controls from IW_ to IWC_.. Now IWC_ controls hold IW_ windows. I renamed all internal window controls to IWC_ that were created in prior versions, and assume this was done to remove ambiguity. With that in place, elements of internal windows can reference like IWC_InterWindowsControl..Popupmenu from procedures outside the window such as global procedures.

I have seen problems where references to internal windows controls get messed up after a whole lot of changes, but this is usual fixed by a re-compile, or a delete of the cpl dir in the project dir.

von Davie - am 15.02.2016 13:17
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