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No link to this forum on new US website??

Startbeitrag von Donald Montaine am 18.02.2016 05:25

I just noticed that the US web site has changed. There is no link to this independent forum any more. There is a link to the official PCSoft forum, which does cross post some of the messages here. But I hope that this forum will continue to be linked by wxPerts.

(or perhaps I just missed the link)??


Hi Donald,

considering that they are NOT using this forum and have been trying to promote their own google group instead for quite some time, you may want to ask them directly if it's a mistake or done on purpose :-(

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 18.02.2016 12:51
I'm a little troubled that they have a website (wxperts.com) where they offer support contracts and despite multiple requests there and asking about it on their google + group I've gotten no response. I understand that they are probably busy but if you can't respond to questions about support you are claiming to offer to the windev community then you are better off not offering it. It just looks bad.

I'll get off my high horse now. The google group does IMO have some good stuff on it and is worth following FWIW...

von steve erts - am 18.02.2016 17:29

I have not gotten any emails as yet from the site, I am not sure it is going anywhere, I will check with pete on that ......

I also have not seen anything on the groups, sorry bout that, I have been busy and will take a look on the groups as well ...

reach me at andy@ccscowboy.com and I will help anyway I can...

As far as this forum is concerned, since our major push is on the google + group, we are not sure at this time if we plan on supporting it... but still considering it...

Andy Stapleton

von andy stapleton - am 18.02.2016 20:20

Just reviewed the google Plus group, under your name, I don't see any posts there...

send me an email so we can see maybe what happened here.

I tested the contact form, and yes it is broke.. pete is fixing it now...


von andy stapleton - am 18.02.2016 20:24
Thanks Andy, will do.

von steve erts - am 18.02.2016 20:46
wxPerts is Fixed now...

Seems he changed his MailGun Guid and forgot to change it in the code before publishing, so that will work now.

I also realized that if I post something under Windev-US on the google +, unless I look at the Windev-US , I don't see any responses to the messages....

AHH the trials and tribulations of transition.....


von andy stapleton - am 18.02.2016 21:09
And conversely... no link from this forum to the US website? And no link on this forum to the WxLive videos on YouTube, or the WinDev US Google Group?

About a decade ago before Marc and Tim at Eidetek took responsibility for selling Wx in the US (THANK YOU!) I was the the one pushing Wx in the US and hosting the WinDevCon's (one in 2005 and another in 2007 - Fabrice was our trainer). I put up a really nice website written in WebDev 7.5 - I believe in eating your own dog food, cuz if you don't why should anybody else. It was operational from early 2004 to late 2005. You can still see it on the WayBackMachine website, broken links and all.

I even had links to other resources on my site...

For additional WinDev resources in English, please visit:

In the website I had a forum to post on, kind of like the forum that preceded this one (parsimony.net), except it was a lot prettier and more functional, as I was using state of the art forum software at the time (embedded in my WB site). Got a few nice comments on it.

But... and here is the IMPORTANT part... any answers on my site never came here, and any answers here was never going to my site. The users of either site never got the benefit of information posted on the other site. To me this was NOT GOOD for growing the English community. We were not VB or C# whose community was big enough for multiple forums and separate sources of useful information. We needed a central repository for information, not fractured, and in retrospect I believe I was was just being selfish and egotistical in thinking I could create a better mousetrap. While I DID create a better mousetrap, it also split the community, something I did not want to be responsible for.

I posted a message on my forum informing the users that I was closing the forum, the reason for it, and directed them to this forum.

And while this current forum is not the prettiest around, it is functional. What I would not mind seeing is a forum written in WebDev and put on something like AWS or the Microsoft Cloud, with it being paid for by Google ads and maybe our own folks that want to advertise their services. It could be quite functional... for example, after typing the message have check boxes that need to be checked for version and product. Full text search. A Help Wanted and Open for Contract forum in addition to the normal one. Etc, etc, etc.

Just my two Euros...

von Art Bonds - am 19.02.2016 18:36

just FYI both the wxPerts.com and WinDev-us is WebDev developed , Pete even convinced me to put the CRM in hyperfile just to "eat our own dogfood" as they say...

Obviously we have both been around since Compuserve days, but with the advent of things like stackoverflow, and facebook, google comunties, youtube the "newsGroup" type repositories are not being used by too many of the "younger" crowd,

And we both know we need to teach them a few things before we retire....

The main reason we choose google + was because of the integration into the youtube and we could easily develop training video's and share what was learned around. I would dearly love more input from other more seasoned WX developers but that hasn't occurred as yet.

So we have chosen to pursue that for the future... let google be our main search engine..


von andy stapleton - am 19.02.2016 19:17

Yep, we have both been around since the Dark Ages, when Clarion ruled our world... But after good treatment and meds we are MUCH better now... :cheers:

"I would dearly love more input from other more seasoned WX developers but that hasn't occurred as yet."

von Art Bonds - am 20.02.2016 02:25
Of course it is


von andy stapleton - am 20.02.2016 02:26
Damn, that was a QUICK reply. :D

von Art Bonds - am 20.02.2016 02:37
The reason I will continue to support this forum is because it is not officially tied to either PCSoft or any single distributor. It has been a good site for the whole English speaking Windev community, whether from the US, Canada, GB or elsewhere. And there is a link between it and the English forum hosted by PCSoft.

Plus it has a history and is the first entry returned by Google when you type the search term "Windev forum".

I have been a loyal Windev American user for many years, ordering my upgrades through the US distributor. But for a user forum, I prefer independent, international, not slanted toward the views of any distributor or PCSoft and having input from many geographic areas.

von Donald Montaine - am 20.02.2016 05:26
Hi Donald,

thank you for your support! However, somewhen, when we had to realize that Parsimony closed their site, we had to find a new forum. Though we had and have two big servers running, one located in Austria and another one in Germany, we decided to find an independent and neutral place for this forum. I chose the server of the internationally well-known Mr Thomas Seifert who is a co-developer of the Phorum software https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phorum and hosts his baby mysnip.de on his own server. From time to time we add a little contribution to alleviate Mr Seifert's expenses. In return we're free from any advertising and can - given that Mr Seifert's time allows for - even ask for additions and small changes. Ah, and being in the top ranks in Google's search engine is ... let's call it "black magic".

As most of you know, we're still a distributor for PC Soft, located in Austria. Though business with PC Soft products went well until 2014, with the appointment of additional distributors world wide it stagnates a bit. However, business with PC Soft products never exceeded 5% of our yearly turnover. I always felt free to express my opinions and - surprisingly - PC Soft never ever interfered. Admitted, two or three times in all these 15 years they asked me to remove postings of really bad content. PC Soft even copies a lot of content from this forum to their own forums, some times we were pondering about merging forums, but long ago we came to an understanding that a company like PC Soft cannot allow unmoderated postings on their site. That's one of the reasons why this forum exists: unmoderated and free expression, solution oriented exchange of knowledge and thoughts.

Links. I have to apologize for not keeping any text in the header of the forum, it seemed to me much like advertising and taking away precious space from every page. As a compensation, I'll start a new sub-forum with links to Wx-product related sites, distributors, forums and other information! You're free to add your links there! Any other links can go into the "About Myself and My Company" forum.

von GuenterP - am 20.02.2016 08:48
My history with this site, Guenter, Bjorn, Al, issah and the rest of us old timers go back to version 5.5. Loyalty is a two way street, and like Donald I will continue to contribute to this site because this site has contributed so much to me. It is all about the community, both the betterment of and the growing of.

von Art Bonds - am 21.02.2016 11:52
for everyone

I discussed it with the guys this morning, we have readded the link back on the windev-us site under Support /Other Resources


von andy stapleton - am 21.02.2016 18:06
Dear wxPerts:

Thank you very much for putting the link back on the windev-us site. The precursor to this site (Parsimony) was where I first discovered Windev when trying to find a replacement for Clarion. It has been my primary companion during an, oh my, now 11 year journey with Windev, first used only as a way of viewing and documenting SQL tables I had to work with, then as a hobby development tool, and now finally for the last two years as my primary development platform and way of earning some extra money since retiring from full time corporate work.

So many programming communities that I used to participate in have disappeared. While not having a link here on the Windev-US site would not have been the end of this forum, it certainly would have reduced the participation of new users in the US and been a barrier to those wanting to learn about the use of Windev in the English speaking community.

Thank you again for providing easy access to this very important resource.

Donald Montaine
semi-retired former: Basic Programmer, Pick Programmer, Clarion Programmer, Network Engineer, IT Manager
current: Curmudgeon, Iconoclast, Humanist, Technology Enthusiast, Star Trek (not Star Wars) fanatic, WinDev programmer

von Donald Montaine - am 21.02.2016 20:06

I understand the importance of history... it is hard to transition. I made the jump from CW to Wx 4 or 5 years ago myself.

Unfortunately we don't have the time to monitor this forum and also the google +, but I have setup a topic for Windev-US questions, for upgrades and such, that will come to my email directly so we will get those...

there are answers to questions and video's there was well for any one that needs assistance...


Andy Stapleton

von andy stapleton - am 21.02.2016 20:12
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