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WB20:Howto make a password field visible

Startbeitrag von A.H.J. Mess am 24.02.2016 10:39


(In Webdev20)

From my loginscreen I want to be able, using a checkbox, to make a password field (temporary) visible.

I see the ..password property but it's readonly. Howto approach this?

Something like:

IF EDT_Password..Password=True THEN
EDT_Password..Password = False
EDT_Password..Password = True

So this code above doesn't work.

Kind regards, Aad



as this is not available in webdev (contrary to windev), one woraround is to have two fields, one password type, and the other regular, and to change visibility of the two

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 24.02.2016 16:15
If you are compiling in html 5 mode, browsers will give you an option to view the password ( by pressing the little eye icon on the right side of the input field ( it becomes visilble after you have put at least one character in there) )

So you do not have to program anything for it, although it is not really a switch like you asked for, you have to keep the icon pressed to see it.

If you want to use the switch checkbox, you can either go for the option presented by Fabrice or maybe switch the input type of the password box in javascript.

von M-K - am 09.03.2016 17:17
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