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[WD20] Numeric Display Mask on Report Column

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 26.02.2016 17:28

I have two reports that run a simple count query and display the results. They are set up the same. I have an amount column in each report that is set up exactly the same.

Report #1 works great. The amount column is displayed correctly.
Report #2 does not. The amount column is displayed as three plus signs. (+++)

The display masks are set to numeric (999,999,999). If I set the display mask on Report #2 to Numeric Defined by Project it works, but it adds .00 to what is an integer. I've tried different combinations of numeric masks. Nothing works. It always displays "+++" unless I chose Numeric Defined by Project or text, but then it's not formatted correctly. Also, the field is more than large enough.

This is driving me nuts. I've spent 45 minutes on a bug that should have been fixed in 2 seconds.


Hi Curtis,

Try by setting the mask by clicking on the "language flag" first, even if you have defined only one language in your project.

At least, that was a solution in WD17. Maybe in WD35 it will be corrected.


von Bart VDE - am 26.02.2016 18:35
Wow, that worked...another wonderful Windev quirk.


p.s. While I have your attention, do you remember the Star TSP100 driver setting that stopped iEscape(7) (open drawer) from feeding and cutting?
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von Curtis - am 26.02.2016 19:47
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