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wm20:Dongle not recognised in new Win10-64 update

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 03.03.2016 18:52

Hi All

The new Windows 10-64bit update as of today upsets my wm dongle as I was running fine yesterday. The update was set automatic and it's too late now.

Any clue.

ps no problem so far for win7/64-bit.

Thank you so much WINDOWS 10 UPDATE???

Any clue as I downloaded/reinstalled latest HASP with hopeless.

Thx in advance if you have a work-around or I have to dump windows 10 ...



Just an FYI that I have been running Win 10 64 with Windev for months with no problems.

The driver manager shows the following drivers Loaded under USB controllers

SafeNet Inc. HASP Key
SafeNet Inc. Sentinel HL Key
SafeNet Inc USB Key

von Donald Montaine - am 03.03.2016 18:57
Same thing here.

Last month I was too late too skip the Win10 update, but to my surprise EVERYTHING worked afterwards.
Including WD/WB/WM, printers, sql-server, hyperfile server, several VPN drivers, etc, etc

The Safenet drivers listed (for each dongle I see the 3 drivers as mentioned by Donald) are from 17 september 2015 version

von Arie - am 03.03.2016 19:56

Thx and I'll give it a check. I've been running Windows 10-64 bit ever since no problem
wm19-20(64bit) dongle but not today as I let Windows update yesterday and
just happened it can't run and I'm using other win7-64bit as a sub.


von kingdr - am 03.03.2016 19:58
Yes, now it works and I could see 2 pairs of 3-tuple SaftNet HSAP Key...

my version is now and before as I uninstalled HASP, then reboot and reinstall with 1st time to plug wd19 then wm key and both work a charm.

No idea why it happened.

Thx all



von kingdr - am 03.03.2016 20:29
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