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.NET dll network error

Startbeitrag von Noel Tanti am 14.03.2016 13:05

Hi All

I am using the WINscp .net dll and all is ok when I run it from my laptop on which the windev applicaiton is being developed.
Once I setup the software, including the winscp dll etc and run it, I get the following error:

NET framework cannot be used by an application run from the network.

All dll and exe's are on the local C: drive but the computer is part of a domain.

Does anybody ever experienced anything like this?



Hello Noel

No solution, just sympathy.
We have the same problem running the Gembox dotnet routines and have not found an answer.
I think it has something do do with shares on the network as everything worked on one server without shares and then stopped when we introduced shares to hide folders from clients on a multi-tenanted Windows 2012 server.

We have given up looking for a solution and are looking at different ways to run on remote servers.


von Al - am 14.03.2016 13:35
Hi Al

thanks for the sympathy :)

My client's IT solved it for me by installing the 3.5 .net framework. Not sure why it worked but since it does I will not ask questions.



von Noel Tanti - am 16.03.2016 09:49
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