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[WD20] Star TSP100 Open Cash Drawer/Cut Receipt

Startbeitrag von Curtis am 14.03.2016 21:01

Currently I use this code to open the drawer, but it also feeds and cuts a tiny blank receipt. I have yet to find an escape code that will open the drawer without feeding and cutting.

// Tell receipt printer to open cash register

I can fix it with the Bart's solution: http://27130.foren.mysnip.de/read.php?27131,154869,587140#msg-587140. This would involve changing printer properties to no cut and then issues a second escape command for cutting when printing a receipt. However, I would rather not have to set the printer properties. Does anyone know if there is a different escape code I can use to open the drawer? Or if there is a way to programmatically set cutting properties for a printer?



Check this website:



von Aelfassi - am 14.03.2016 21:53
Hello Curtis,

you are already sending the one and only code that opens the drawer. The problem is that you are sending it via the windows printer driver (you use iEscape), and therefore the printer driver is adding to it, like it does for ANY impression.

So, you have one choice:
- either you continue to use the printer driver and you have to set it up properly
- OR - you have to stop using the printer driver and instead send directly all print information on a serial port (or usb to serial) via the sxxxx commands. Of course, that is a MUCH bigger job than just sending an extra code for cutting.

Best regards

von Fabrice Harari - am 15.03.2016 01:24
Hi Curtis
We handle printing in exactly the same manner as you to all sorts of docket printers & do not have the problems you are experiencing. Most of our users use 27,0,112,50 or a slight variant thereof (from memory the last character is purely the length of the pulse required so that can vary depending on the drawer).

I can't speak specifically for the Star TSP100 but generally you must have the correct driver ,not generic printer or some such. We also handle the printing of the docket & the kicking of the cash drawer as 2 totally separate jobs rather than combining them into the one print job.



von David Egan - am 15.03.2016 05:25
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