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[WD20] Table problem

Startbeitrag von David Egan am 20.03.2016 01:44

We have a window which displays header info & a table which displays all the line details. The table is set to Selection (No Edit). The window displays 9 lines of detail. If there are more than 9 detail lines, unless the operator clicks in the table first we have a problem selecting the correct row.

If the operator scrolls down to and clicks on an initially hidden row, the table returns to the equivalent record on the initial display, for example the table contains 15 lines so the operator scrolls down & selects row 14 but the table redisplays the initial screen with line 8 highlighted. Once there the correct row can be re-selected with no problem.

Any ideas?




Hi David, this seems to be a new 'bad" behaviour of the Table control since version 20. We've experienced that too. If your time allows for, please, send a report to Tech Support! Together with small demo project and detailed instruction for how to see the misbehaviour. Thank you!

von GuenterP - am 20.03.2016 05:28
Thanks Guenter, not what I wanted to hear though as client is not impressed! As suggested, I'll report it to PCS immediately.



von David Egan - am 20.03.2016 08:49

I do not see this behaviour here. I'm using tablecontrols filled by programming, not bound directly to a file/query. Maybe that differs from your situation?

von Arie - am 20.03.2016 13:18

I use tables extensively and I have no problems? I had issuses with the table in version 18 but all the faults seem to been fixed for me.

Could you discribe your problem a bit more in detail. Maybe a picture of the screen.. Then I get can a better understanding of your issue

I use tables binded to queries but also tables filled by programming.



von Allard - am 20.03.2016 15:21
Hi, it's new to WINDEV 20 and it's weird. On a newly opened window with a multiline Table control on it, you move the mouse pointer to a multiline row of the Table control and click it. And ho an below! another table row is selected! Not the one which you thought to select! After that "first experience" all clicks to table rows do work just fine.

von GuenterP - am 20.03.2016 16:05
Screen shots show the problem. First screen is immediately after loading data (table is manually filled, no binding). Table contains 17 records

In the second shot I have scrolled down to the bottom of the list & selected the 2nd lot of Mixing Instructions

and the 3rd shot shows the result

Interestingly, trying to put something together for PCS it has worked correctly within just a simple window so it must be a combination of circumstances. In my live program the table is inside an internal window in a dynamic tab so that is the next thing to test.


von David Egan - am 20.03.2016 22:59

Sorrycannot see the images?


von Allard - am 21.03.2016 09:47
Hello David

This bug has just started to bite as I am converting clients from V19 to V20 and it is appearing in quite a few places but randomly so it is impossible to create a project to send to PCSoft Tech support.

My tables are all memory tables and when the user double clicks on a row it opens another window with the selected data. It doesn't matter if you use code in the table by enabling the double click event or use the event in the table editor, it still selects the wrong row - sometimes.

My solution has been to introduce a counter so that the code doesn't execute unless it has been called more than once. This forces my users to click twice on a selected row, which annoys them intensely, but at least it works.

Lets hope it is sorted out in V21


von Al - am 28.03.2016 08:12
Hi Al
Yes, you're right it seems to be totally at random, however once a table starts acting that way it keeps doing it! Somehow, somewhere there must be a logical reason but I haven't found it yet.

Your idea for a counter's not a bad one. Luckily for me this is not happening in our main commercial app but only in a relatively small custom app so there is only 1 unhappy client at the moment. I guess clicking twice on the row is probably less annoying than what is currently happening so I might follow your lead until I can work out why.



von David Egan - am 28.03.2016 20:04
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