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[WD20] How to deactivate frozen columns? (padlock)

Startbeitrag von DannHCS am 22.03.2016 09:02

How can I deactivate it?!

[attachment 1894 Immagine.png]



Hi Darren,
no, I'd like to make a software without the possibility to fix column. I want to make the padlock disabled and invisible.

von DannHCS - am 22.03.2016 13:31

Looking at one of the AAF help pages relating to Table controls - notice the "Tip". I've not tried this, but it implies that the "Adjustable" checkbox controls this feature?

Fixing the columns

You have the ability to fix a column in order to view the content: the column is fixed on the border of the Table control
and the horizontal scrollbar is used to access (if necessary) the other columns of the Table control.

To fix a column:
1.Hover the left part of the column title.
2.When the mouse cursor turns into an opened padlock, click with the left mouse button. All the columns found on the
left of this column will be fixed. These columns cannot be moved anymore.
The same operation can be done to unfix the columns.

Tip: To implement this feature, "Adjustable" must be checked in the "General" tab of the
column description.

von DarrenF - am 22.03.2016 15:04

does anyone have a solution?


von DannHCS - am 28.04.2016 07:12
Any solution in the newest version?


von DannHCS - am 26.10.2016 13:17
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