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Project code non-visible

Startbeitrag von ICI am 23.03.2016 10:20

I have a weird problem with my code in initialization of project.
This code from some reason is not visible and is not executed even I was try to
1. recompile
2. Copy/Cut and then back
3. If I put Info() in this area it is not executed, like invisible.

I try all possibilities I know to repair and make it visible, but without success.
Can you help me to repair this part of project (Maybe some file from exe folder need to be
repaired or deleted).

Thank you !
I have no connection instruction like this and Debug point to nowhere.
This is executed before project code.
My datafiles are HF and connection is changed by code.
Picture is here


It seems WDP file was corrupted in some way. Initialization code was never started, even is
visible, editable or whatever.
I have no solution (can not find instruction, code ot whatever which point to this errorserver)
Only solution is to make backups often. I was lucky , I have it.

von ICI - am 24.03.2016 20:31
Hi ICI, in "Project" there is menu item "Repair the project (upgrade)" - did you try that?

von GuenterP - am 25.03.2016 08:19
Yes Guenter.
I was try every option I know , for project, for analysis, for SCM,
I was try to delete code from initialization. Missing code produce error messages.
I back it, error messages are gone, but code is not executed.

Never mind, thank you in any way for your cooperation.

I avoid it with restore project.

von ICI - am 27.03.2016 19:04
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