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Email through Outlook Failing

Startbeitrag von Sam Asid am 24.03.2016 15:02

Hello All,

I have an application (written in Windev 12) that has been working for a bout 9 months. It sends out pdf document via emails through MS Outlook. It has worked well until just a month ago.

Now some emails (about 30-40%) goes through but others are sent alright only to get a feedback "Undeliverable". A close examination of the returned mail shows;

IMCEAEX-_o=GLOBALTRAK_ou=Exchange+20Administrative+20Group+20+28FYDIBOHF23SPDLT+29_cn=Recipients_cn=e55fe3844cae469e9fce40dd8b13b86b-Mark+20Monroe@GLOBALTRAK500.COM Remote Server returned '550 5.1.1 RESOLVER.ADR.ExRecipNotFound; not found'

A close look at the returned email shows that the email address of the recipient is prefixed with the above error like this :


The strange thing is some emails go through and some don't though all used to go through previously.

Any help would be appreciated. The command to open MS-Oulook session is

SessionID = OutlookStartSession("")
IF SessionID>0 THEN
Info("Could not locate MS Outlook installation or setup not compatible with this system...")



Hello All,

I posted a challenge with sending email through outlook but I am yet to get any response.

I have tried sending emails with pdf attachments with SMTP but have not been consistently successful. These are some of the problems;

1. When I indicate the correct userid, password, ip and port with an error trap, the program sometimes just hangs and I cant figure out what is wrong (That is why I opted for Outlook)

Can anybody share with me his/her experience sending email with pdf attachments through SMTP (for Windev 12)?


von Sam Asid - am 25.03.2016 06:42
Hi, Sam,

I have an application done in WinDev 11 that prints customer statements in PDF and then emails these to customers who opt to receive their statements through email. My installation uses Outlook and has been running for years and I have not received any reports of problems like yours.

My first suggestion would be to look for any commonality among the "undeliverable" recipients that does not apply to those who receive your emails? I suspect that the undeliverables are addressed to recipients served by Microsoft Exchange servers. It is possible that the administrator made some changes to the system that affected your application.

Another possibility is that the recipients may have been removed from the server's list of users or had their addresses changed due to changes in standards.

The great majority of addresses in my application are hosted by public servers like yahoo, gmail and hotmail. So I am not as affected by changes in corporate installations and policies.

Hope this helps.

von Mike H - am 25.03.2016 12:49
Along the lines of Mike H suggestions, It is possible that the exchange administrator has made changes and either has not re-generated the offline address book, or the Outlook client hasn't downloaded a recent off line address book. The off line address book is downloaded in Outlook under Send/Receive, and normally would occur automatically.

Other issue could be the user has addresses in their contacts folder that are out of date (Copied entries from the GAL), or the user has multiple mail profiles configured against more than one exchange org, which you are able to do as of Outlook 2013.

von Davie - am 25.03.2016 13:28
Thank you Mike H and Mr. Black. I do appreciate the suggestions. I would go in and talk with the administrator to see what changes might have been done and see how best to get a work around/get it to work again. Will keep you posted. Thanks once again.

Best regards,


von Sam Asid - am 26.03.2016 08:37
Years too late I know....

This is because external emails always resolve using SMTP addresses. If your internal organisation is using exchange then it will return an address such as you are seeing (X.500 I think or something like that)

I use the object automation method to work with outlook. (better in my opinion)

The code I use to workaround this issue is as follows

MailItem = MonOutlook>>ActiveExplorer>>Selection(i)

IF MailItem>>SenderEmailType = "EX" THEN
sSender = MailItem>>Sender>>GetExchangeUser>>PrimarySMTPAddress
sSender = MailItem>>SenderEmailAddress



von bosher - am 26.04.2017 12:56
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