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WM20: support for Microsoft Lumia 650 Windows 10 mobile device

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 29.03.2016 22:15

Hi All

Can anyone tell if wm20 supports for win10 sdk and can deploy thru Windows Store
to this Lumia 650 mobile phone or it needs wm21 instead?

I might buy the phone if it works for wm20 for R&D purpose.

Thx in advance!




Thx for info but I upgraded to wm20 last summer and haven't digested all and now...???

von kingdr - am 30.03.2016 10:11
That's interesting... especially as M$ are still trying to figure out how to get Windows 10 to install and run reliably on some of the Nokia Lumia's :confused:

von DarrenF - am 30.03.2016 10:19
I think wm21 is first version for windows 10 mobile native support . I will wait at least for another two version before I play with it.

safe me from frustration from this or that functions not available in windows 10 mobile, I have enough of that in android

von CCC2 - am 30.03.2016 10:52
I was looking at the 921 new features, and according to features 186 through 234, Universal Windows 10 app development is available in both WD21 and WM21.

von Davie - am 31.03.2016 23:02
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