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HFSQL21 timeout settings

Startbeitrag von kingdr am 06.04.2016 15:10

Hi All

I have no problems running MSSQL remotely with wdSQL64.exe with no timeout issue
but I do have such problems in hfSql20 while HConn. in open state but being idled.

I know timer is workaround but the popup box to be reconnected in 2 mins can't be
suppressed as we don't wanna show up the errors with IP/PORT# shown at
client's workstation.

Apps in warehouse esp POS system do have long idling time is typical.

wdsql64.exe is the best tool to test hfSQL timeout issue of which scratching my
head of no settings at all in server side even in registry allowing us to set it up
manually even thru ODBC but absolutely with NO PROBLEM at all with
other c/s database at all by using wd tool.

Or I have to live with timer to kick/wake it up...




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