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WebDev 19 - FileDisplay (download) stopped working Windows 2008 R2

Startbeitrag von DerekM am 08.04.2016 06:48

Hi anyone

I am using FileDisplay to initiate downloads. This *was* working but I not get a few strange "Connecting.." messages and it fails.

I assume that this is a Windows issue - but maybe some Windows update is not compatible with WebDeb 19 FileDisplay (or something .. !?)

Anyone seen anything remotely like this or any suggestions about how to debug this. The remote server has been rebooted. Everything looks OK. NO code changes ..

I'm grasping at straws at the moment ..



Hi Derek,

Have you tried whatever page is issuing the FileDisplay() with different browsers or browsers in safe mode / no addons?

Also, if you have any type of third party security suites installed on either side of the equation, make sure they aren't blocking.

If I were troubleshooting this personally I would break out Wireshark and watch the traffic between the two endpoints. If you aren't familiar with wireshark, you can also do similar stuff in most browsers through the developer tools -> network tab. However, if it is security suite related you probably won't see it make it back to the browser, which is why wireshark on both sides helps.


von KenKnight - am 08.04.2016 10:10
Thanks Ken.

Anyway - I have "resolved" the issue - but I am not sure if I should be happy.

I recompiled and re-installed the same dynamic webdev source - and now it is working again.

I suppose I could shrug my shoulders and say "something must have got corrupted".

But what? How? No Windows Server errors. Nothing.

Unless the culprit is the WebDev Application Server. Which doesn't instill a lot of confidence :(

von DerekM - am 08.04.2016 16:19
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