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Dynamic Ribbon or Menu

Startbeitrag von Amal Murali am 11.04.2016 11:35

Hi all,

I have designed home page of my application with a Ribbon Control having a number of panes and options...Now I want to customise Ribbon Control in accordance with the user..Mostly used controls should be displayed in the Quick Access Area so that user can easily click the button he want ,without going to the corresponding panes..

This is available in windev Editor Ribbons..
Images showing the quick access area attached below ...How can we design such a customised Ribbon..

Can we add a new pane of the Ribbon dynamically in which user can add preferred button options..?
Or Is there any way to add those preferred buttons dynamically to a Menu control displayed in the form ,so that user can customize the menu options according to his wish
[attachment 1938 aa.jpg]
[attachment 1940 2.jpg]

Refer: Ribbon of editors in Helpfile



I donnot know about the ribbon control specific. But this should be possible.


von Allard - am 11.04.2016 14:06

You can show/hide a pane with the ..Visible property and you can add controls to a group/pane with the CloneControl() function, so yes it should be possible for you to create a dynamic pane with user preferences.


von Gary Williams - am 30.04.2016 08:23
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