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WD18 Queries, Subqueries, Problems... Help please

Startbeitrag von Marijan Tomasic am 12.04.2016 12:50

I can't find out what's wrong with below query.
It work ONLY in test mode with checked option:
"Run query without hQueryWithOutCorrection in test mode"
In app I get an error: "Aktivnost alias already used" (I do not use aliases)
Files are local HFSQLC/S. I checked every subquery one at time, and all worked as expected.

Does somebody have an idea?
Is it allowed to use subquery inside subquery?
(It work in some other cases)

Clan.ClanID AS ClanID,
Oznaka.Oznaka AS Oznaka_Oz,
Clan.Broj AS Broj,
Clan.Prezime AS Prezime,
Clan.Ime AS Ime,
Titula.Naziv AS Naziv,
Spol.Spol AS Spol,
Clan.Adresa AS Adresa,
Mjesto.PTT AS PTT,
Mjesto.NazivMjesta AS NazivMjesta,
Clan.StatusTip AS StatusTip,
Clan.StatusDatumOD AS StatusDatumOD,
Clan.StatusDatumDO AS StatusDatumDO,
StatusNaDan.StatusTip AS StatusTipAktualni,
StatusNaDan.Datum AS Datum
LEFT OUTER JOIN Oznaka ON Clan.OznakaID = Oznaka.OznakaID
LEFT OUTER JOIN Mjesto ON Clan.MjestoID = Mjesto.MjestoID
LEFT OUTER JOIN Titula ON Clan.TitulaID = Titula.TitulaID
LEFT OUTER JOIN Spol ON Clan.SpolID = Spol.SpolID
StatusNaDan.ClanID AS ClanID,
StatusNaDan.StatusTip AS StatusTip,
StatusNaDan.Datum AS Datum
Status AS StatusNaDan
SELECT Status.ClanID AS ClanID, MAX(Status.Datum) AS maximum_Datum
FROM Status
WHERE Status.Datum BETWEEN {paramDatumOD} AND {paramDatumDO}
GROUP BY Status.ClanID
) AS StatusMaxDate
ON StatusNaDan.ClanID = StatusMaxDate.ClanID
WHERE StatusNaDan.Datum = StatusMaxDate.maximum_Datum ) AS StatusNaDan
ON Clan.ClanID = StatusNaDan.ClanID
SUM(Aktivnost.Bodovi) AS sum_Bodovi,
SUM(Aktivnost.BodoviRegulativa) AS sum_BodoviRegulativa,
SUM(Aktivnost.BodoviOpcenito) AS sum_BodoviOpcenito
FROM Aktivnost
WHERE Aktivnost.Datum BETWEEN {paramDatumOD} AND {paramDatumDO}
GROUP BY Aktivnost.ClanID
) AS AktivnostUpit
ON Clan.ClanID = AktivnostUpit.ClanID


Hi Marijan,

There are alias's all over the SQL code you supplied (after the AS keyword), but I can't see from the SQL where you would get the error you describe.

I presume there is WLanguage code that executes this SQL?

Do you use HAlias in your code perhaps?

von DarrenF - am 12.04.2016 14:00
Hi Marijan,

Do you also execute your query in your app with the hQueryWithoutCorrection option?


Peter H.

von Peter Holemans - am 12.04.2016 15:06
Hi DarrenF, Peter,
Thanks for reply,

I do not use HAlias() at all.
I did try many combinations, with and without AS keyword.
Every subquery I use here is tested before, as standalone query.

When I use connection to HFSQL clasic files, there is no error,
only when using HFSQL C/S. (Both databases are identical, data and structure)

I use this query as source for one read-only table control,
so I did not use hQueryWithoutCorrection option in app.

I do not understand what actually do this option, what is "corrected"?

and another interesting thing:
when I try to execute this SQL code from HFSQL control center,
HFSQLCC crashes.

von Marijan Tomasic - am 12.04.2016 19:13

Maybe the fat that you are using a sum several times

In the first select and later on
: SUM(Aktivnost.Bodovi


von Allard - am 15.04.2016 10:47

I would re-factor/simplify your nested SQL so that you can prove if nesting to the level you are trying is possible. Then look at your alias's because you have the same alias in different in-line statements; e.g. ClanID.

von DarrenF - am 15.04.2016 11:32

von Marijan Tomasic - am 15.04.2016 12:57
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