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[WD20] HFCS how to stop an individual database

Startbeitrag von Al am 14.04.2016 18:44

Hello All

I have a HFCS running 10 databases. I can stop the server but can I stop an individual database and leave the rest running ?

The reason is that a couple of the databases are in development and if I want to make manual changes to the data, the HF Control centre is nowhere near as useful as WDMap and WDMap can't write to a database while the HFCS has control of the data.



Hi Al,

you can run several Manta Servers on a single server. This enables you to have some hardware load balancing on the server. It should be easy to start / stop / update etc each Manta for a certain group of databases then. For e.g. solving performance issues it should be easier to run multiple Mantas on a processor with several cores (AMD Opteron or Intel Xeon with 16 cores each).

von GuenterP - am 15.04.2016 05:37
Hi Al,

I have 3 or 4 different instances of the database running, Just install hfcs a second time and use a different port. Use HOpenConnection (I guess you already do that) and point to the new port.

Then copy all your test-databases to the BDD map of the new instance.
During install you can define/change the location of the BBD-map. These settings are saved in a file called hfconf.ini, which you cal slo modify afterwards and then restart your database-service.

von Arie - am 15.04.2016 07:27
Hello Guenter and Arie

Thanks for the replies
I run multiple Manta servers now on different ports, its just that within each server I have a need to be able to just stop using one of the databases and leave the others running. The answer is to arrange my databases better within the servers :)
The main feature that WDmap provides that the HF control centre doesn't is the ability to change data which is very handy when developing. Also WDmap is much faster and presents better than the HF Control centre.


von Al - am 16.04.2016 02:01
Hi Al,

I'm sure it is also possible to change data in HF-control centre. I use that sometimes.
But most of the time I'm using my own version of WDMap, which I've developped to use from my WinDev projects. It works very well. I have the ability to search, add, change and delete data (like in WDMap), but also to create queries (in text) for test.

von Stefan Bentvelsen - am 16.04.2016 07:21
Hi Al
I wondered why you preferred WDMap! Sorry, you're wrong in thinking you can't change data in Control Centre & I find it much better all round than WDMap.

You can easily add/delete/modify records within it and I like that in the latest version I can have multiple files open within one or multiple databases & just flick between them very easily. The other great thing about it for me at least is that I can run SQL queries from within it, particularly handy for bulk deletions (& if you use links it bypasses the integrity checks which can also be very useful during the development phase).



von David Egan - am 16.04.2016 19:11
Hello David

I should have been more specific. In HFControl centre you can change individual records but the mass change options that are available in WDMap are missing and that is the feature that I really miss when developing.


von Al - am 16.04.2016 22:23
ufortunately you can't ALWAYS use the HFControl center to change records ...
If you have file(s) with a character set other than WESTERN, you are out of luck.
WDMap works fine with all character sets.

Steven Sitas

von Steven Sitas - am 17.04.2016 08:08
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