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Reading JSON/Variant nodes

Startbeitrag von Terry Mullican am 18.04.2016 19:03

Is there a simple way to make the json node use a variable so we can loop thru the node? or Variant node, might be a more correct reference.


where id = 19, so we need the node to be:

id is a variable = 19 but this does not translate based on what we see in the debugger.

Screenshot of what the data looks like from debugger:

Screenshot of code :

Thanks for any help on this!



You should be able to build a string with the names seperated by the dot's like you would access it in the editor itself. Then use indirection { } to access its value (set or get).
A variant is a dynamic variable.

I use this methode to loop through a subset of a piece of XML. The only thing you have to be carefull for is that the name of the variable does not contain a dot.

I think, out the top of my head, code would look like this

id = 19
value is int = {"varResponse.results."+id+".rewards.bonuses"}

Hope this helped !

von Danny Lauwers - am 18.04.2016 20:01
Danny, this works, I was missing the indirection piece! Thanks!

FOR each r OF {"varResponse.results."+ id +".rewards.bonuses..Member"}

von Terry Mullican - am 18.04.2016 21:36
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