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TablePrint not working in Production Environment

Startbeitrag von Terry Mullican am 19.04.2016 15:08

WinDev 20

I am having issues with TablePrint. I added a couple of print buttons and all is well in test mode/dev PC, but when I move code to QA servers, the buttons do nothing??

The QA servers are VMs and have printers setup.

I am checking for missing DLLs but what else could it be?



what is the code on the buttons?


von Allard - am 20.04.2016 10:16
Here is the code... sorry should have included in original post:

tmpstring is string = "Communications History for " + PEO_Rec.PEO_FullName

iPreview(i100, tmpstring, True)
iParameter(iOrientation, iOrientation_Landscape)

von Terry Mullican - am 20.04.2016 12:16
Hello Terry

Can you establish a vpn connection to the remote computer so that you can use the remote debugger and trace the code?


Try inserting a few info() statements so that you can at least see at which line it stops and also what is really in each of the parameters you are sending. The PEO_Rec.PEO_FullName variable may have a value that is making it crash.


von Al - am 20.04.2016 21:53
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